The 4 failures in team leadership

How a Team Leader can influence the commitment, productivity and happiness of its teams

Lack of Commitment

85% of employees in the world do not feel committed to their organization. 

Unclear Objectives

Only 50% of employees know what is expected of them at work.

Absence of leadership

Up to 70% of the culture of your company is based on the knowledge, abilities and talent of the leader.

No feedback

Only 30% of employees feel that they work with their manager in establishing and following clear objectives.

Flow & Agile is the only methodology that addresses fluidity and agility at the same time.



It is hard for us to loyalty to our collaborators = escape of collaborators
Little initiative of the collaborators, we do not have the clear objectives
We don’t know if we have the talent we need and it’s not well aligned to business challenges


We don’t have a holistic cultural transformation strategy
We are focused on the process and not on the results
The market goes faster from our efforts


We don’t know the state of our team, the action levers and we have no real and measurable data.
Lack of team cohesion, we lack fluidity and agility. Lack of communication & feedback


Our Teams Leaders are not prepared for a fluid and agile organization
Our leaders use traditional comdaments and find it difficult to identify talent in their teams

Various ways that Flow can support you ...

Commitment of employees
Raise productivity and well-being (employee satisfaction) in your teams and kill people motivated and committed to Flow.

Agile leadership development
A new generation of leaders oriented to the development of empowered teams, from an individual performance mentality to a team with Flow.

Agile mindset, create an agile and fluent culture:
Anticipate customer needs, maintain an entrepreneurial and success-oriented culture with Flow.

Empowered teams
Accelerate results with self-directed teams, create a self-learning culture, inspire your employees, create collaborative networks that allow innovation and engage your talent with Flow.

Know the hidden data and the action levers of the equipment.
Evaluate maturity and performance at all levels. Identify opportunities for improvement in real time and remove obstacles. Align the team to business purpose with Flow.

Commit the talent of the collaborators.
Respond to business challenges with the talent of your employees, attract and engage the right people and access “speed to market” with Flow.

Areas of people & culture
Accompaniment in the cultural transformation towards a fluid and agile culture, redesign of all practices, changes of roles, job descriptions, ways of working to create and foster an environment of psychological safety with Flow.

Our clients improved in:

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Flow level
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Clear objectives
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Commitment and purpose


Flow measurements

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