Why Flow and Agile are Here to Stay

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The work place is in a period of transformation. Third industrial revolution, a growing awareness of our planet, millennials, changing values. The Darwin Philosophy of “adapt or die” is more present now than ever in the corporate world. 

We are beginning to realize that repetitive and predictable work will quickly be- or already is- replaced by machines. Therefore, we need to focus on the development of tools for managing creative workers and team collaboration. It is for this reason that the combination of flow with agile management makes so much sense to us. 

On the one hand, you have flow: profound work, total focus, clear objectives. Identify your best abilities and align them with challenges- in an ideal world you would be just outside of your comfort zone. When you feel this sensation of control- that comes from knowing what to do and how to do it- your action and awareness will change in one moment. You don’t feel thirty, hungry, or physical pain. Do what you know and know what you do. You are just present in the moment. Suddenly it’s five p.m. and you have no idea how this happened. 

On the other hand, you have agile. Darwin said it many times: we need to adapt or we die. The same thing happens with organizations. Agile management is here to work in favor of, not against, times of insecurity. Agile is here to recognize the simple fact that behind the structure, job titles, and perfectly designed spaces, are people. It is the people that are at the center of everything (at least in the world of business). 

Agile is more of a philosophy than a methodology. It’s like Buddhism: you are free to question. In reality you have the obligation to do it. Although the methods vary (lean, Kanban, scrum, and many others), the idea is the same: we are talking about continuous development. Extreme transparency. Team work, more than individualism, towards a common objective. 

Agile management is a great fountain that will improve the spirit of your company. Flow is a concept that will help you find a nice equilibrium between your abilities and challenges. It’s the guide to total focus. These two concepts are here to give us power and to bring out the best in us from our work. 

It doesn’t matter if your job is to write poems, film movies, play jazz music, or begin a start-up. It doesn’t matter if you play basketball or if you’re a software engineer at a major company. In reality, flow can happen during any activity. 

Our mission is to find out how this happens and how we can maintain being in the zone. We do this by following a philosophy based in trust (inter and intra personal) and an innumerable amount of colored post its. 

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