Frequent asked questions

  1. What is Flow? How do we measure results?

Flow is an optimal state of motivation that is described as “being totally involved in activity for itself, ego disappears, time flies, all of your being is committed and you are you using all of your tools to the fullest.” Concentration and focus are elevated, you feel just right, with commitment and satisfaction. Mihaly Csikszentmihály confirms that a person is the happiest when they enter into a state of flow. Are you really passionate?

We measure you, your team, and your organization’s level of Flow with a rigorous and scientifically valid method based off of numerous studies of Flow. 

  1. How can I access these measurements and learn my level of Flow? When and how can I consult my results?

If you are a professional, you can ask us for a demo. If you are on your own you should contact us through the “start” button and give us your data. If, however, your company forms part of the movement #Flow&Agile, shortly you will receive a link to start!

Once you have completed the test, which won;t take more than 2 minutes, you will have an automatic dashboard with all of your KPIs and an autocoaching report. 

We have everything ready, you are just about to discover your level of Flow. Let’s go!


  1. What types of results will I get once I have measured my flow?

Once you have measured your flow, you are going to visualize, analyze, and measure different KPIs that Beat Flow offers. In order to actualize powerful change, it is important to measure and know your level of flow, the level of promise of your team and organization, how clear objectives are, level of communication and feedback, how the ratio of challenge to talent is, control over work,… and more. They are KPIs that are totally doable, that when combined with Flow tools, programs, and workshops, we can position you to become the leader you want to be. 

  1. What is Beat Flow?

It’s our technology platform that measures flow. We call also discover the levels of flow creativity, communication and feedback, and focus in your team and organization. You are one click away from discovery. Do you dare to do it?

  1. What’s the difference between Powerup and the workshops?

Our powerup programs have 3 levels of intensity so that we can better adapt to every ecosystem and be flexible in implementation. It’s the base for understanding concepts and tendencies in team leadership. We hand you the Flow tools, valuable strategies that will permit you to practice your soft skills and talent, as well as obtain measurable results about your impact. 

With the workshops we hone in on the dimensions of Flow, we get to know closely all of the secrets to your Flow, in all of its glory. The themes are varied, from how to enhance creativity, improve levels of focus, give powerful feedback,  all the way to how to align levels of challenge with level of talent; without forgetting to align teams with purpose. 

  1. What are the Upflow tools and how can they help me?

They are practical strategies that will help you improve your level of Flow. We proportion knowledge so that application is fast, easy, and agile. Are you willing to get to know Agile Management, Positive Psychology, and other designed tools from our Flow Psychology Research. 


  1. How are the programs run? Can we personalize the workshops according to my necessities? 

The programs are live, in person. We do them in open and diverse locations. Of course, we can personalize the workshops. We rely on the best Flow professionals and they will give every workshop the personal touch you are looking for. All of this, within the realm of work of Flow & Agile. Take a look at the workshop dates, we are waiting for you!


  1. How long are Powerups and Workshops?

There are various models. You can do 4 hours, 8 hours, and the snorkeling program for 12 hours. You choose!


  1. If my company doesn’t use Agile methodologies, can we still use Flow?

Of course! If you company works with other, distinct management methodologies, we can adapt to them. However, the center of our project and our specialization is Agile Management. As an added value from our area Flow Psichology research we create tools aligned to your culture that are totally practical, give concrete answers and active solutions.

  1. Can I get involved in one of these workshops on my own?

We invite you to join us! We have created for you a series of workshops with diverse focuses that will allow you to grow professionally. Anticipate your peers and explore a new way to lead teams. If you are not a manager, you will find useful strategies in these workshops to be as active as possible in your team and prepare yourself to take the next step in your professional career! We were created so that you can be the best leader.