Our Clients are our Best


“The focus, the Dynamic participation, the possibility of measuring the status of the team, and
the offering of concrete tools with immediate application has made this workshop the best
experience that our team has ever received.”


Eloi Beulas y Ors
Boss of the Selection of Forest and Forest Resources.
Territorial Services in Barcelona.

“¿Quieres ganar agilidad, frescura, propósito y focos, … y además felicidad, tuya y de tu equipo? Confía en UpFlow, tu equipo notará el cambio, será más ágil, vital y orientado al propósito con compromiso y felicidad. En definitiva MÁS FLOW. ”


Cristina Pérez carbón
Sub-directora Regional en Barcelona Departamento de Salud / Generalidad de Cataluña

“The methods that Upflow applies work well for Startups too. Now we have sensible tools and
practices to lead our teams, we have gotten agility and fluidity, with a new purpose that unites
us to make an empowered team. You feel the energy and see the results.”


Xavi Juez (co-founder and CEO of Mouters)

“A great experience with Upflow just before we began filming a new movie, it allowed us to confront this challenge with an unusual amount of confidence from the members of our technical and artistic team. We will repeat this for the next movie.”


Ramon Térmens
CEO of Segarra Films

“The course offers useful strategies to initiate dynamic change and improve performance and happiness…what else can you ask for?”

Jordi Margalef Torà. Boss of Public Health Services in the Tarragona Region.
Regional sub-director at Camp Tarragona and Tierras Ebro.

“To grow as a person and a professional, they offer methods, various tools, and an innovative
experience, bot at the personal and collective level. We put our own barriers, Upflow will help
you make the journey”.

Sergio Niña Pumar. Responsible for technical support in Consorci AOC
Open Administration of Catalunya