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In this special corner you can get to know everything about happiness and wellbeing at work, in the form of advice on how to improve performance and communication in your team. 

With a bit of analysis and  A LOT OF THINKING, you can get to the day when you know what’s happening in the sector and how it’s evolving.

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Why Flow and Agile are Here to Stay

The work place is in a period of transformation. Third industrial revolution, a growing awareness of our planet, millennials, changing values. The Darwin Philosophy of “adapt or die” is more present now than ever…

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We Need a Ritual to Enter Into a State of Flow

There’s something special about this daily act that takes place always at the same time, that obligates our minds to collaborate and bring out the beat in us: whether that’s work or hobbies that encourage this self awareness

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More websites providing information about “Happiness in the workplace”

With the proposition of elevating flow in organizations, teams, or individuals in professional environments, all of us at UpFlow are part of a vibrant community of individuals with similar ideas…

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